Thursday, February 2, 2012

Frozen Alive

I can not explain in words how cold it is right now.

Zug is reporting at 12 degrees farenheit at the moment, and it is expected to drop down to 10 degrees tonight. Yeah, thats right. Menzingen is going to be colder than the summit of Mt. Rainier this evening.

When I take the 30 second walk to the bus stop in the morning, if my hair is a little bit damp from the shower, it will have frozen by the time I get to my bus.

I dont think I have ever been this cold before in my life (feel free to correct me if I am wrong Dad). This is totally normal for all the Swiss people, while the exchange students and I are all slowly dying. Well, I'll change that. Just me and Sienna, who is from Hawaii. Ella and Laura are from New York and Colorado, and they said this is typical January weather. Which leads me to the question so many people have asked me, but I don't have the answer to: why isn't Seattle this cold if it is so close to Canada?

I have never really realized how truly WARM Seattle is! I still don't really understand why it is so warm, when our latitude is higher than where Laura lives in New York and in Zug. Even if we are close to the ocean, states in New England are close to the Atlantic too.

Ah, well. I guess it is just one of the many mysteries of the Pacific Northwest.

Lets not forget that -5 degrees is predicted here for Sunday.

And that is in farenheit.


  1. Supposed to be 50 degrees and completely sunny today. Practically T-shirt weather. Yep.

  2. why is Seattle so warm?! Lucky duck. If Lilly or Will ever complain about the coldness again, tell them that after their sister came outside from a workout yesterday, her perspiration formed ice crystals on her hands.

    Miss you Dad!

  3. How do you know this is your dad? I'm unknown. Miss you too, sweetie.