Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where it all started

Hey guys! I am slowly getting ready for my year abroad next year, and I can tell you, it has been a long process. So not to bore you with all the details, I'll keep it short and sweet. The whole process has taken 8 months. I have had multiple interviews, filled our paperwork, gone to orrientations, and then more interviews. Finally, I was placed in Switzerland two months ago! :) Now, I am filling out a visa and keeping in contact with my host family. (I learned where I was going last month) I'll keep you posted, but from now until July its going to be a lot more paperwork and organizing.

On a positive note, I know which school I will be going to! Kantonsschule Zug :) I have google stalked it a TON, which is just making me more excited. Zug looks so beautiful! It is in the center of Switzerland, just North of the Alps. Some of the building were built 600 years ago!!!


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