Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Almost there!

I'm leaving sometime this weekend!!!!! I don't know when yet, but I am officially leaving.

I just want to get the leaving over WITH. If anyone you know does a rotary exchange, warn them about all the work that goes into it...literally, 8 months worth, no exageration. And I'm still not done! The only thing that keeps me going is knowing how worth it it will be when I am finally there.

It is so hard to explain the feeling right now. Sometimes, I forget I am going, and life seems so normal. Then I remember, that in three days, I will be in another continent, for a whole year. There is no way to explain it unless you are in my shoes I guess, it is just very surreal. I feel like I am in a dream, I guess that is the best way of explaining it. I'm excited, scared, sad, proud, happy, and sentimental at the same time.

I go around my house doing normal things, then I look at a pot or something and think, I wont see this for 12 months. I grew up here my whole life, so its so weird to think I wont be here in a week to watch West Wing with my parents, or to pet my dogs after school. Life just seems so normal now, and I keep thinking, that I am about to leave, but everything here will stay the same. Everything is so sentimental right now, I feel like I am done being a child, which I guess is a little  bit of an over dramatic statement. This has just been the strangest summer. I see my friends, and I just cant stop thinking that they are staying here, and I am leaving. Our lives are different now. I will leave, and they will stay. The ferries will keep running, school will keep going on, and people will keep leading their lives without me.

Ok, enough of the sentimentality. I am sorry to rant, but this is just the most emotional I have been my whole life, and no one can really understand it.

I am so excited to go, and I am almost over the sentimentality. Its like, "ok, you cried. your done. get ready for the adventure." I am ready to go. I have been prepping myself for leaving for months, and now that it is happening, I couldnt immagine it any other way. It is time to grow up, leave my home, and have the time of my life. Goodbye young Emma, get ready, and enjoy yourself.

As the Jamaican head from Harry Potter would say, "Theez iz gonna be a bumpy ride!"


  1. That is so exciting for you! Have an awesome time!

  2. Wow. You are so courageous. I can see you being in the real West Wing in some capacity. You will have a great experience.

  3. So pleased to have your Blog while in Switzerland.

  4. Hi Emma! It's o.k. to feel a little nervous about the unknown. I remember when I started college I had the same feelings. You will have so many wonderful adventures and make some awesome friends. You will knock them dead!
    Love, Grandma