Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Women's Rights in SWITZERLAND

As I am getting ready to head off to Switzerland, (HOPEFULLY in the next 2 days) I wanted to share one tidbit of information I found very interesting while researching Switzerland.

I think Switzerland is almost universally associated with three things: cheese, cookoo clocks, and it's neutrality. I think Switzerland's government is fascinating, it is actually one of the most direct democracies in the world. But while it's democratic government is one of it's proudest features, I've been learning some of the negative affects of it too--one major one being, it is hard to change old traditions. One change that is the most intriguing, or, I should say, shocking, to me is women's suffrage in Switzerland.

The United States gave women the right to vote in 1920, the USSR in 1917, France took as long as 1944. But Switzerland? Women were not able to vote until 1971, and in some areas, until 1990. Thats five years before I was born! I don't know what this slow start to women's rights means, but I am going to find out soon! This will be a HUGE change from my liberal home, and I am so excited for the change, this will be so interesting and different!

What do you think about Switzerland's wait to grant gender equality?

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